At Corinth ~ Acts 18:1-17 (August 13, 2017)

At Corinth

Acts 18: 1-17

I.    Aquila and Priscilla (vs. 1-3)
a.    Find Corinth on a map…what can we determine about Corinth? ______ ___________________________________________________________ 
b. Who of note does Paul find in Corinth? _________________________   ____________________________________________________________
c.  What does Paul have in common with Aquila and Priscilla? _________________ 
d. Why did Priscilla and Aquila leave Rome this time? _____________________
e. What was their common trade? _______________________________

II.    The Jews Blaspheme (vs. 4-7)
a.  As was his custom where and with whom does Paul reason? ______________
b.    Were there some in the synagogue that believed Paul? _________________
c. Who rejoins Paul from Macedonia?  ________________________________ ___________________________________________________________
d. Is verse 5 Paul was compelled by the Spirit and testified that Jesus is the Christ…do

you think he probably already preached that very thing? _____ _____________

What clue in vs. 5 may have prompted a renewed enthusiasm? _______________ ___________________________________________________________
e.  What was the response to this renewed proclamation that Jesus is the Christ? ___________________________________________________________

f.  What does Paul do regarding the actions of the Jews in Corinth? ____________ ___________________________________________________________

III.    Paul Preaches to the Gentiles (vs. 8-17)
a.  Paul goes to Justus and stays there …what clues tell us that Justus was not a Jew? ___________________________________________________________
b. Who was the current ruler of the synagogue at this time? _________________
c.    What of note takes place in Crispus and his families’ life? ________________
d.    As Paul increasingly preaches to Gentiles what do the Jews increasingly do? __________________________________________________________
e.    Who leads the synagogue now and what happens to him? ______________

IV. Application:  Should we focus more time on people who want to hear or don’t want

to hear the Gospel? ________________________________________  

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