Acts 11:19-30


I.                The Gospel Spreads (vs. 19-24)


a. What good thing came from the persecution even though persecution is never good? (Rom 8:28) _______________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

b. Remembering the chronology of events why earlier in this same chapter do we see Gentiles being saved and not we see the Gospel being preached to Jews only? ________________________________________________


c.  How effective was the preaching and why? ______________________


d. What purpose would Barnabas (Son of Encouragement) serve at Antioch? ___________________________________________________

e. What did Barnabas find at Antioch? ___________________________


f. How does this passage portray Barnabas? _______________________



II.              Barnabas Sent to Antioch (vs. 25-26)


a. Why does Barnabas go to Tarsus? _____________________________ ___________________________________________________________

b. Doesn’t vs. 24 indicate Barnabas ministry was a successful ministry…why does he not just “go it alone?” _______________________


c. Who was served by Saul (Paul) being with Barnabas at Antioch? ______



III.            Barnabas and Saul (Paul) (vs. 27-30)


a. What did Agabus reveal was coming? ______________ Did it? _____________

b. How did this news affect the disciples at Antioch? _______________________ __________________________________________________________________

c. Why do you think they determined to send relief to the brethren living in Judea?



IV. Application:  This passage shows Barnabas deciding to include Saul in his ministry at Antioch.  Are we more effective with a partner / partners in ministry?   ________________________________________ Is there a Biblical precedent for working together? ______________________________________________



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