An Uproar in Ephesus ~ Acts 19:21-41 (Sep 3, 2017)

An Uproar in Ephesus
Acts 19: 21-41

I.    Paul’s Time in Ephesus Nears an End (vs. 21-22)

a.    What does the phrase “when these things were accomplished” refer to? _____________________________________________________ 
b. The transition in verse 21 is “Paul purposed in the Spirit…”   What can we

determine from this phrase? __________________________________   _______________________________________________________
c.  His purpose included returning back through Macedonia and Achaia…what

would Paul be doing as he passed through these regions? _______________ ________________________________________________________
d. Ultimately Who was responsible for Paul’s destination being Jerusalem? ________________________________________________
e. Where else does Paul desire to see? ___________________________
f. Paul sent Timothy and Erastus into Macedonia (the very place where he would

follow) what purpose may they been serving? ________________________

II.    Spiritual Awakening Causes Some Issues (vs. 23-32)

a.  What is “the Way” described in verse 23? __________________________
b.    What was Demetrius’ main problem with “the Way” and the Gospel message that

was truly taking root in Asia? ______________________________________
c.    What was Demetrius’ and the other craftsmen’s solution to their loss of profits? __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________
d.     How does 1 Corinthians 14:33 help us determine who was the author of this

confusion? _________________________________________________
e.    Why would the disciples (and some of the officials) not allow Paul to go in to

the people? _________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

III.    Reason Prevails (vs. 33-41)

a.  Why couldn’t Alexander quiet the crowd? _____________________
b. Who was able to quiet the crowd and how? ____________________
c. What ‘reasonable’ argument deferred bloodshed and a Roman inquiry? _______  _________________________________________________________

IV. Application:  Do we always recognize what the Spirit in prompting us to do and

all it will entail? ________________________________________________
If we knew all the details ahead of time would we be as quick to obey? ________


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