Against The Nations: Egypt Jeremiah 46:1-28


Jeremiah 46:1-28


I.               Egypt (vs. 1-12)

a.      Who is this prophecy against in verses 1-2? ________________


b. Does verse 2 reveal that this is something that will come to pass        or had already been accomplished? __________________________


c. In verses 3-10 as the call to arms was raised in Egypt is there  optimism being expressed on Egypt’s part? _____ If so how?                                  ______________________________________________________ 

d. Where would Egypt see defeat? __________________________


e. Was Egypt alone in its campaign against Babylon? ___________


f. Seeing that the time frame of this military action took place in the fourth year of Jehoiakim king of Judah…who besides Egypt desired this to be successful in defeating Babylon? ____________________


g. In verses 10-12 what attempts to “heal Egypt” would be successful and why? _______________________________________________


II.              Nebuchadnezzar Will Come  (vs. 13-26)

a.      Establishing that verses 1-12 were already past what about verses

 13-28…past or still to come? _______________________________


b. How effective will be the armies / mercenaries of Egypt be against Nebuchadnezzar’s army? ___________________________________ ________________________________________________________

c. How certain is the destruction against Egypt (vs. 18-19)?  _______ ________________________________________________________

d. The Chaldean army is likened to those who chop wood and are numbered like grasshoppers (locusts) the idea being trees have no defense nor is there anything to be done against invading locusts.


III.       O My Servant Jacob (vs. 27-28)

a. Is the Lord’s tone the same with Israel as with Egypt? ___________

b. What is the Lord’s ‘future’ promise here to Israel? ______________


c. Does God give Israel a complete pass regarding discipline for her sin?



IV.    Application:  Does the love of God mean no harsh discipline for His people? _______________________________________________________

  August 2020  
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