A Letter To Those In Exile ~ Jeremiah 29:1-32


I.Settle Into Your New (temporary) Home (vs. 1-7)

a. Who is this letter addressed to?

b. How did Jeremiah get the letter to the captives?

           c. What were the people to do who were carried away to Babylon?

           d. What difficult thing were they instructed to do in verse 7 that if done would benefit them?

II. A Promise of Blessing (vs. 8-14)

a. In what ways was the word of the Lord being undermined in Babylon?

b. How long will the captivity last?

c. How certain is the Lord that His promise of good will come?

d. What real change will take place in the hearts of those in exile (vs. 12-13)?

e. What absolute promise does God encourage His people with in verse 14?

III.Those In Rebellion Against God (vs. 15-32)

a. How was the unwillingness to submit to Nebuchadnezzar a willful act of the people against God?

b. Who was complicit in the rebellion and what was to become of them?   

c. Of what sin was Shemaiah the Nehelamite guilty?

d. Why would Zephaniah read Shemaiah’s letter in Jeremiah’s hearing?

e. What was Shemaiah’s expectation regarding Jeremiah?

f. What was Shemaiah’s sin going to cost him (and his family)?

IV.Application:  We say that we trust the Lord…but what about when we are in the midst of something hard and we don’t understand what or why it is happening…will we trust Him then? 


  August 2020  
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