A Lamentation ~ Jeremiah 9:1-26

I.  Weep, Mourn, and Wail (vs. 1-2, 17-22)

a. What is Jeremiah’s response to what is going to happen to Judah?

b. Jeremiah sees the destruction as already accomplished before it comes to pass…how can this be?

c. What would Jeremiah do with Judah if it were in his power to do it?

II. They Refuse to Know Me (vs. 3-16)

a. What kinds of problems are the people guilty of as pointed out in this passage?

b. What does it reveal when neighbors and even family members were fair game in evil plotting?

c. What will the Lord do in response to their sin? (vs. 7-11)

d. Were the people without warning in all this? Where is the blame to be placed?

e. How is vs. 15 a response to the people’s complaint in Ch. 8:15?

f. Where was the Lord going to scatter His people and what of those who try and escape?           

III. Uncircumcised in the Heart (vs. 23-26)

a. What are the wise, strong, and rich to not “glory in” and why?  

b. The judgment that is coming will impact the uncircumcised and circumcised alike…why?

c. What is one of the main reasons the uncircumcised nations will be judged?

d. What does He mean “uncircumcised in the heart?”

IV. Application:  When God points out the transgression of His people and ask, “shall I not punish them for these things?” …Why should this be a sobering thought for us today?

  August 2020  
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